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When Argentinean Paola Vottero came to the United States on a Rotary scholarship in 1991, never did she think the United States would become her home. A dual citizen since 1999, Paola is multilingual (she speaks Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and English) and in 1997 she started True Spanish, her Boulder translation business. This paid the bills while she obtained a master's degree in English literature at CU. Paola, who loves listening to electronica, jazz, and tango, is the ultimate go-getter. In addition to running her own business, she's also the editor of Salón Plus, a monthly, Spanish-language U.S./Latin American Magazine. Clearly, this Latin beauty doesn't sit still for long - she ran her first half-marathon this past fall and has competed in triathalons since 1999. Her perfect match will be equally driven and goal-oriented, but not so much that he forgets his manners.


Where do you live? Boulder

What's on your nightstand? Critical Theory, Reflections of Exile, 5280's November issue, a notepad where I write my thoughts, ideas, and poems before bed.

Dating prerequisites? Someone who shares the same political and social values - that's really important to me.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe that in the first 10 seconds you know if there's chemistry or not...but I wouldn't say that's love at first sight.

What's a great Denver date? Go up to the mountains on a motorcyle and go really fast. I think that would be really fun.

What's your baggage? I 'm a Cancer, and I grab on. Once a person becomes part of my life...it can be hard for me to dismiss them.

Relationship deal breaker? Honesty. Chivalry - treat me like a lady.


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